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General Dentistry

At Rosslyn Hill Dental Clinic, our commitment extends beyond merely addressing dental issues; we prioritize safeguarding the future of your teeth. Our focus is on maintaining the health of your mouth and offering expert advice to prevent oral health issues before they manifest, ultimately saving you costs associated with extensive restorative treatments in the future.

We firmly adhere to the well-established principle that ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ Numerous serious dental conditions stem from inadequate oral health practices. Preventative dentistry serves as an early intervention, ensuring the well-being of your mouth and diminishing the likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease, mouth cancer, and tooth loss.

What is preventative dentistry?

Regular, semi-annual check-ups and hygiene appointments stand out as the optimal approach to maintaining excellent oral health. During your routine appointment, we meticulously examine for early indications of gum disease and tooth decay, engaging in discussions about any oral health concerns, and conducting screenings for mouth cancer. Our hygienists employ advanced Airflow Tooth Polishing to provide your teeth with a comprehensive cleaning, effectively eliminating plaque and tartar build-up, and leaving your teeth feeling fresh and gleaming!

Preventative dentistry is a collaborative endeavor – the practices you adopt at home are equally crucial to the procedures we perform in the surgery! We’ll offer you insights into effective brushing, flossing techniques, and dietary considerations to assist you in sustaining a healthy mouth between check-ups and hygiene appointments.

Children’s dentistry

It is advisable to register your baby with a dentist before they reach six months of age, typically around the time when their first baby teeth start emerging. Similar to adult patients, babies and children should undergo a dental check-up every six months unless otherwise advised by their dentist.

Introducing dental visits at a young age fosters strong oral health habits in children, preventing the development of dental anxiety in later years and encouraging them to prioritize regular check-ups throughout adulthood. The outcome? Sustained oral health for the foreseeable future.

Tooth decay in children not only induces pain and infection but can also impede a child’s growth and impact their speech. This underscores the importance of early dental visits. During your child’s appointment, we conduct a thorough examination of their jaw, gums, and bite. We assess for misalignments to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary and check for the presence of plaque, tartar, and stains. If required, we perform a gentle cleaning and administer preventative treatments such as fluoride varnishes to fend off tooth decay and maintain the health of their teeth and gums for life. Additionally, we provide education to both you and your child on the proper way to brush young teeth and offer oral health tips, including guidance on brushing techniques and which foods and drinks to avoid.

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